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Desert Classics...1912 Ford Model T Commercial Roadster "Mother-In-Law" Body For Sale
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This black 1912 Ford Model T commercial roadster runabout "Mother-In-Law" body is an extremely scarce, all-original survivor ready to be used in a restoration project.  1912 is the last year for the true all-brass Model T's. These are often referred to as the "Mother-in-Law" Model T since you could put the wife's mother in the back and due to the wind and noise not hear her complaining.  The family of the deceased previous owner  from Missouri said he had removed the body from the original chassis 50 years prior, placed it in the back room of his business, covered it, and never touched it again. This body was stored in a good environment. Most of these early T survivors are rusted and rotted, but this body is incredible in that it has no dents, no rust holes, no wood rot, or other issues. The body is absolutely perfect as there is not a single dent in it. The wood looks like it is nearly new. There is not a speck of wood rot anywhere and it is all good and tight. It is definitely the original wood and it is in unbelievably good shape. The original paint is still there, though some extremely light surface rust has started to peek through in a few places. The paint is powdery to the touch, as would be expected from decades of storage. Additionally, you can still see the original gold pin striping throughout the body. It also retains the original upholstery. The seat cushions are missing. The body number is 33174. If you have a 1912 T chassis, this is the best original body you will ever find. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this restorable classic 12 T Mother-In-Law project roadster body.
For sale $16,000.

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1912 Ford Model T Roadster Runabout "Mother-In-Law" Body right front view
1912 Ford Model T Roadster Runabout "Mother-In-Law" Body front view
1912 Ford Model T Roadster Runabout "Mother-In-Law" Body right rear view
1912 Ford Model T Roadster Runabout "Mother-In-Law" Body rear bottom view