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        In 2001, DesertClassics was created by Steve Murphy in order to sell extra cars from a friend's Elko, Nevada classic vehicle collection. A friend acquired these classic and vintage vehicles over many decades with the goal of restoring them. He only purchased unusual cars and trucks that came from the dry western desert and were complete, solid and straight. He had decided to concentrate on the restoration of his rarest vehicles and asked me to sell the vehicles he would never get around to restoring. That was the beginning of DesertClassics. In 2005, DesertClassics moved to Butte Montana USA. In 2012, the company moved to Anaconda, Montana. In 2022, DesertClassics was sold to longtime pards L&L Classic Auto in Wendell Idaho
        Since then, DesertClassics has added hundreds of classic and vintage cars, trucks and farm tractors for sale from the dry high deserts of Nevada, Idaho, Montana and other places around the USA. During this time, hundred and hundreds of classic and vintage vehicles have been sold to happy customers all around the world. As vehicles are sold, they are removed from the website sales listing and placed in the Sold Vehicle Archives. New classic and vintage cars, trucks and farm tractors are added to the website regularly..
        Today, DesertClassics.com has grown to a finder group affiliated. full-service company specializing in finding and selling original, restored and restorable project classic cars, trucks and farm tractors. The company sells vehicles throughout the USA and exports all over the world.  
        Vehicles for sale on DesertClassics are primarily found in the high, dry western USA desert climate and thus are mostly rust-free. The high desert, with very low precipitation and humidity, preserves old vehicles like no other place in the world.
     DesertClassics is dedicated to finding classic, vintage and antique cars, trucks and farm tractors that help you fulfill your dreams.
     L & L Classic Auto has been owned and operated by Larry Harms for over 50 years. Larry started this once small salvage yard, as a body shop with one tow truck and a small property. Larry started collecting what were new cars at the time. He would use the parts out of the cars he collected in the body shop.
     His collection grew over the years, and he was ordered by the city of Wendell to remove the cars claiming they were an "eye sore", so he started looking for a bigger piece of land outside city limits. That is when he purchased the property on Highway 46.
     Larry started moving his cars out to his new location owning both properties for a little time. He then sold the body shop, due to the fact that he was making more money at his new location. To this day Larry still has some of those first cars sitting out in the desert at the "new" L&L Classic Auto.
    L&L Classic Auto is located in near Wendell Idaho and has parts for almost every interest which includes Antique, Classic, muscle, domestic, and import vehicles.


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Our high-and-dry project vehicles come from places like these (click on photos)
Montana ranchs and farms
Farms and ranches on Montana's eastern plains
Nevada farms and ranches
Idaho ranches and farms
Cabins, barns and pastures in the Rocky Mountain high country
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