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Desert Classics ... 1964 Mercury Park Lane Convertible For Sale
This white 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible is a solid project car ready to be restored. The car is an air conditioned car with power windows. The motor, transmission, a/c parts and radiator are gone. . The windshield is good. The body is very solid except there is a rusted area forward of the right rear wheel. The outer headlight bezels are missing. There is a small dent in the left front fender. The right front fender has been replaced and there is repairable damage to the right door and quarter panel. The right fender and door top trim is missing. The right tail light lenses are gone and the assembly has been damaged. Both rear fin top trim are missing. The left side is straight except there is a small dent in the back of the quarter panel. The lower Parklane left door trim is off and inside the vehicle. The left exterior door mirror is gone. The trunk floor is gone in the front. The top is all there. The black interior is all there except the door handles and right rear side panel are missing. There is 94,992 miles on the odometer. The dash is complete except the clock and ash tray are missing. The interior floors are solid. Convertibles are always a sure restoration investment and this top-of-the-line 64 Park Lane convertible will be a beautiful car when completed. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this64 Merc convertible. For sale $5,500.

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1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible left front view
1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible left rear view
1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible left front interior view
1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible right rear interior view
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