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Desert Classics...Sales Policies, Terms and Conditions

Effective March 21, 2023: The following sales policies, terms and conditions apply when purchasing a vehicle from DesertClassics:

GENERAL SALES POLICY: DesertClassics.com sets all the terms of sale. Buyer sets none of the terms of sale. No exceptions. We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to change vehicle prices at any time without notice.The Bill of Sale/Agreement reads as follows: We, DesertClassics (Seller), of (address), hereby sell one used (vehicle), VIN (number), running and driving (or) rolling not running no brakes, as is, where is, to (Name), (Buyer) of (address), for the sum of $XXXX USD, to be paid by wire transfer to Seller's XXXX bank account.  Sale is final when payment is made and there are no returns. If payment is not made within 5 business days, the sale is null and void. If the sale becomes null and void, you are banned forever from purchasing vehicles from DesertClassics. By making the payment, Buyer agrees to the terms of this Bill of Sale/Agreement and all Sales Policies, Terms and Conditions as set forth.  Seller shall mail a new signed-off title to Buyer via USPS Certified Mail when it is received from DMV, which takes 4-6 weeks. If the title is in hand, it will be sent within 2 weeks via USPS Certified Mail or for Canada, Registered Mail. Seller arranges shipping at no charge. Buyer pays the cost of shipping COD. There are no warranties or guarantees, either implied, verbal or written, outside of this agreement. L&L Classic Auto LLC, date
2023 PRICE INCREASES: Effective March 1, 2023., some classic vehicles listed in our inventory will increase in price due to outdated pricing, recent increase in popularity of these project vehicles, reduced inventory and part-out value. This is especially true for Chevrolet and muscle cars. Listed prices may or may not be current at the time of inquiry. Generally, we evaluate the price of vehicles with outdated pricing at the time of inquiry. If we raise the price, you will be notified of the price increase when we send you the description and photos.

WEBSITE FONT STYLE COMPLAINTS: Do not complain about the font on the website because it is not going to be changed to a phone-friendly font. The DesertClassics website has many thousands of pages and we do not have the time or the interest to spend thousands of hours changing the font for the very few who cannot read it on their phone. In fact, out of the millions of visitors we have, less that 10 complaints have been received. Also, statistics indicate that 95% of visitors view the website on a desktop or tablet. Therefore, if you have problems reading the font on your phone, look at the site on a desktop or tablet.

Dear XXX, You recently inquired about the XXXX XXXXX project vehicle we have for sale. You did not fill my request information form out completely with your contact information. Due to Internet scams, we do not send out vehicle information unless all contact information, including full name, physical address (no PO Box or mail drop address), City, State, Zip, telephone number and email address is provided for verification and shipping cost purposes. You must also include the year, make, model and color of the vehicle you are inquiring about.Please click on the link below and fill out all of the fields in the form, including the year, make and model of the vehicle you are interested in.  We will then send you the information about this vehicle. Multiple vehicle requests will be ignored. We do not send vehicle information to minors. All contact information submitted in completely confidential and is only used to send you the specific information you have requested. To re-submit the Request Information form, click here:   http://www.desertclassics.com/request.html

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION WAIVER: Details not included in the description may or may not be shown in the photos. The description and photos do not show every detail and issue regarding this vehicle. Seller is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the description. It is the customer's responsibility to ask any questions about the vehicle that are not shown the photos and/or explained in this description. Many internal body and power train parts and components cannot be inspected and their condition is therefore unknown. The description is based on visual inspection as shown in the photos. As an example, we do not take up floor carpeting or remove parts to inspect for rust and/or deterioration. A description might describe a floor as being solid, when in fact the subsequent removal of carpets and/or body panels could expose rust that was not visible during inspection.. All vehicles are sold used, as is, where is, with no guarantees or warranties of any kind and no returns are allowed for any reason. By receiving vehicle information containing this disclosure waiver statement, customer acknowledges and agrees to the conditions as set forth. Customer further acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees with the Sales Policies,Terms and Conditions as set forth herein.

INSPECTION AND VISITING POLICY: WE have 4 storage yards in three states and other vehicles in storage facilities located around the USA. Most buyers purchase vehicles from us from photos and descriptions. We usually do not take special photos and/or answer special questions. All vehicles are evaluated honestly and professionally. Challenging descriptions and photos will be looked upon negatively.

SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER PICKUP POLICY: All vehicles are shipped with inflated tires. We do allow customers to arrange there own shipping or pick up vehicles for domestic delivery or export. We ship on our schedule only. We usually ship by ground transportation to you through CentralDispatch.com or other shippers which is where most permitted, licensed and insured transporters contract their loads. You pay the domestic ground shipping cost COD, or if you are from outside the USA, you pay for the ground, container and insurance shipping in advance.
PARTS, MECHANICAL, RESTORATION WORK, REFERENCE, APPRAISAL AND SPECIAL REQUEST POLICY: We do sell parts. We do not sell rolling project vehicles where the body will be used on another project. We do not sell parts off of project vehicles. We do not sell car bodies, truck cabs, beds or campers off of project trucks. We do not do mechanical or restoration work. We do not offer professional or expert advise regarding technical vehicle information, including parts, systems or operations. We do not refer inquiries regarding technical vehicle information, including parts, systems or operation to other experts or professions. We do not perform appraisals of any kind.

TITLE AND VIN NUMBER POLICY: All vehicles are sold with standard (not salvage) titles and Bills of Sale. We do not disclose VIN numbers, body tag date or copies of titles until the time of sale. If we are in possession of a title for a vehicle, it will be a signed off open title in the name of the person from which vehicle was purchased. For vehicles for which I am not in possession of a title, we obtain a new standard title in either Idaho or Montana. We sign off the title and send it to you open with the purchaser space left blank. It takes from 4 to 8 weeks to have a new title issued. The title is mailed to you Certified Mail for USA and Registered Mail for Canadian shipments. For international shipments, we send you a copy of the title and the original title travels with the vehicle. No vehicles can be exported out of the USA without the title in hand.

OFFERS AND/OR DEALS POLICY: We do not take offers or make deals as stated in my Sales Policies, Terms and Conditions (link below). We are inundated with sales from all over the world and do not need to make additional sales based on discounts. We wait any period of time until we find a buyer who appreciates the vehicle for it's value and is willing to pay the price. Accordingly, we will only sell you the vehicle at the listed price. You are certainly welcome to search for and find a similar vehicle in the marketplace that meets your criteria for quality and price. We do not give discounts on multiple vehicle purchases.

NO MULTIPLE VEHICLE REQUESTS: We do not send out requests for multiple vehicle descriptions and photos. From our experience, serious buyers inquire about one vehicle only and then buy it. Over the many years we have been in business, we have wasted a great deal of time responding to multiple vehicle requests. We are very busy and do not have the time, interest or need to provide information for entertainment purposes. If you are a serious buyer, you will know what you want. If there is one vehicle you are interested in, please let us know.

PURCHASING PROCEDURE: If you decide to purchase a vehicle, we send you my references, a signed Bill of Sale/Agreement, a copy of my standard shipping contract and our wire transfer banking instructions. You print the instructions and give them to your bank.We accept wire transfers for payment. We will take a check, but the vehicle will be held, until the funds clear at the bank.  After payment, we get the vehicle out, rolling and ready to ship.The title is sent to you via USPS Certified Mail.

PAYMENT POLICY: We only accept wire transfers or checks from licensed and insured commercial banks or credit unions. The payment must originate from the purchaser's personal or business bank account. We do not accept third party payments of any kind, including currency trading accounts or third party payment services, stock or investment accounts, mortgage originators or brokers, trusts, annuities, vehicle dealers or brokers, personal representatives  We do not accept direct deposit, Bitcoins, credit cards, Western Union, Moneygrams, money orders. All payments shall be in United States Dollars (USD) only. Any such payments other than standard wire transfers will be returned to buyer after a 60 day grace period for detection of fraud or deception, minus any and all incoming and outgoing costs. We do take deposits. All deposits are non refundable. All vehicles remain for sale until full payment is received. We do not trade or exchange.

FAILURE TO PAY POLICY: If you agree to purchase a vehicle, request sales document to make the purchase and then fail to make the payment within the 5 day allotted period, you are banned forever from doing business with DesertClassics.com.

REFUNDS AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE DISCLOSURE: If for any reason the transaction cannot be completed, any and all refunds shall be paid back in USD only. Only the amount originally received in USD shall be refunded. For international sales, there are no foreign exchange adjustments of any kind regarding returns. No refunds of any kind or for any reason are granted for completed vehicle sales.

USA SHIPPING EXPLANATION: Arrangement of shipping is offered as a convenience to customers. The amount estimated in your vehicle information is an estimate based on going rates and previous shipments. Once you purchase a vehicle, we get the vehicle ready for shipment, including rolling on inflated tires. We the place the vehicle on CentralDispatch.com and other carriers where 90% of all commercial transporters find their loads. There are over 36,000 transporters on CentralDispatch.com.  All transporters on CentralDispatch are fully-licensed USDOT carriers with certified commercial insurance. We set the price and terms/conditions. Then we wait until a transporter agrees to haul the vehicle. This depends entirely on the availability of a transporter who is going from the pickup location to the delivery location, and who agrees to haul the vehicle at our offered price and terms/conditions. This takes an undeterminable period of time and sometimes takes months for get the vehicle shipped depending on the route. Once a transporter accepts the load, we issue a Shipping Order/Agreement which is sent to all parties involved. This agreement contains terms and conditions that fully protects the vehicle owner from any type of loss. We have absolutely no control over when a load gets accepted for transport. We do not call up transporters and get quotes because the quotes are always about double of the going rate. Current transport rates per vehicle are $1.00 to $1.25 a mile. These rates have gone up considerably due to Covid 19 and increased fuel prices. Also, there is a great shorage to truck drivers and considerable delays are occuring in the delivery of vehicles. We do not gaurantee rates or lock in rates.

CANADA GROUND SHIPPING: For Canadian shipments, we locate a storage company at your nearest port of entry and ship the vehicle to them. You can then pick it up at the storage company and take it across the border. For Canadian shipments, you must hire a USA customs broker to file the export paperwork with US Customs, including obtaining a Automated Export System (AES) Internal Transaction Number (ITN). Canadian citizens can not obtain an ITN number directly from US Customs. 72 hours after receiving the export documents, US Customs clears the vehicle for export. This procedure is required to export the vehicle out of the USA.
INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER SHIPPING: For international shipments other than those bound for the Canadian border, we first ship the vehicle to our container shippers in Long Beach, California or another port if more economical or if requested. The shipping companies we use are Amid Logistics, LLC, Schumacher Cargo Logistics or CFR Line. For the lowest rate, Schumacher or CFR usually consolidates the vehicle with other vehicles and goods (shared container) and ships the container to your port. You can also have your own private 20' or 40' container. It arrives much faster and costs considerably more, except if you have 2-3 vehicles, then it is considerably cheaper. We also arrange RO/RO roll on/roll of for running and driving vehicles when necessary. All oversized vehicles must be shipped RO/RO or you have to pay for 3 containers because of overhang on both sides of a flat rack container. For international shipments other than Canadian border shipments, it usually takes 3-4 months total from the time you purchase the vehicle until you receive it. For container shipments, all ground and container costs must be paid in advance. If you are not familiar with importing vehicles, you need to hire a Customs Broker at your destination port. You can also arrange your own transportation or pick up the vehicle. All container charges must be paid in advance. Vehicle cleaning, if required, is an additional charge of $250 USD, or by estimate depending on what is needs to be done.  If you are purchasing vehicles for importation into Australia, you are allowed to ship the vehicle to your mechanical shop for removal of asbestos components. DesertClassics does remove asbestos products from vehicles for shipment to Australia for an additional charge.

SHIPPING A SEMI TRUCK OR SCHOOL BUS TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY BY CONTAINER: USA: All buses, step vans and large trucks are very costly and difficult to ship do primarily to their height and width. Almost always, a drop-deck or lowboy trailer is required foer ground transportation to the container port and they are difficult to book and are exceedingly costly. For these reasons, it is not possible to estimate the shipping time or cost. FOREIGN EXPORT: Semi trucks and buses are too wide to fit into a container for foreign shipment. The only reasonable way to ship one is by roll-on/roll-off but the vehicle must run and drive. This vehicle does not run and drive.. The only other way is to ship the vehicle on a flat rack. However, they center the vehicle and it hangs over both side. They require you to pay for an empty flat rack on both sides, thus tripling the container cost.

SHIPPING A SEMI TRUCK OR BUS IN NORTH AMERICA: Semi trucks are expensive and difficult to ship. Due to their length, they cost twice as much to ship as a regular car or pickup. Due to their height and weight, they must be shipped on a low boy or drop deck. These trailers are scarce compared to regular vehicle transporter, so it can take much longer to book the vehicle for transport.The cost is generally going to be $1.50 to $2.00 per mile. Example: From the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast is $4,500 to $6,000 and to the West Coast is $1,500 to $2,000. Given these costs and problems, let us know if you are still interested and I will send you the vehicle information.

NOTICE TO AUSTRALIA CUSTOMERS: Australia is now enforcing it's 2003 banned on importing asbestos components in vintage or classic vehicles. This means that all asbestos components must be removed prior to export out of the USA. The cost of this removal is not included in the cost estimates provided by DesertClassics. This work must be done by qualified mechanical services near the USA export location. Click on this link to see Hemming's magazine article about this subject:

SHIPPING ORDER/AGREEMNT FORM SAMPLE: Shipping Order/Agreement to transport XXXXXXXXX from XXXXXXX XX to XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX. To Transporter: You are hired to transport one used XXXXXXXXX, VIN XXXXXXXXXXXX, rolling not running no brakes (OR) running and driving, from XXXXXXX XX to XXXXXXXX XX for $XXX USD, to be paid by cash on delivery. You are to pick up the vehicle on XXXXXXXXXX XX, XXXX and deliver it on XXXXX 11, XXXX, weather and conditions permitting. All pickups and deliveries are to take place Monday-Friday 9AM to 4 PM NO EXCEPTIONS unless otherwise noted herein. You are to notify the parties at least 24 hours and 6 hours in advance of pickup and delivery. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: XXXXXX. By accepting this Shipping Order/Agreement, Transporter agrees to all terms set forth herein. Transporter waives any and all liability disclaimers, either written or verbal, including driver
's Bill of Lading, and further agrees that Transporter is liable for any and all damages or losses incurred to this vehicle during loading, transport and unloading. Transporter agrees that if any damage or loss occurs, Transporter has insurance covering the entire cost of the loss or damage and Transporter pays all insurance deductibles. If for any reason Transporter must store the vehicle during transport, the vehicle shall be stored at a bonded, secured and fenced storage facility at Transporter's expense. Transporter acknowledges that he is set up to load and unload non-operating vehicles when required and is equipped with a winch and proper non-op equipment. If no winch and non-op setup is available, Transporter shall pay any and all outside towing and lifting services required to safely and properly load and unload the vehicle. Transporter is prohibited from using other vehicles to tow or push this vehicle onto the hauler. If Transporter fails to show up during the hours set forth herein, all layover costs incurred while waiting for business hours are at Transporter's expense. Transporter shall give adequate notice and reason to Shipper 24 hours or more in advance of any delay in pickup or no show. Transporter agrees that there are no additional charges or amounts due of any kind upon delivery other than the agreed-upon amount as stated herein. In the event of any legal action, jurisdiction shall be in Gooding County, Idaho USA. Any violation of this agreement by Transporter will result in a negative complaint to CentralDispatch.com. Please contact me if there are any questions or problems with this load. Best regards, DesertClassics.com
LEGAL JURISDICTION: In the event of the legal dispute or claim of any kind, Buyer agrees that the legal jurisdiction for any and all disputes is in Gooding County, Idaho USA.

NOTICE OF SALES TERMS, POLICIES AND CONDITIONS:This notice is a disclosure of the Terms and Conditions of sale and reading this information is considered notice to any and all buyers.

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